COSMOLOGY Interview w/ Lance DeSardi


1.You’re not just one of our favorite DJ/Producers of the last decade plus
but you also engineer/mix for Visionquest, Wolf & Lamb, Crosstown Rebels
and Black Catalogue to name a few. How did you get into doing that ?

I’ve always been really into the sound design aspect of music,
so it was always something I thought I might get in to.
I share a studio with my friend who has some really amazing gear,
and once I got comfortable with that stuff I started doing mix work
and production for other people.
It’s one of the small niches in music that needs to be filled these days,
as lot’s of people are making cool stuff on their laptops and in home studios,
but it might not be up to a professional level, sound quality-wise.

2.All-time favorite skate spot? And if you could skate
with anybody ever (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

Downtown Dallas when I was a teenager was super fun,
and Jeff Phillips skate park. Jeff Phillips,
he was the shit. Super nice guy…

3.You recently started a new music project
with Eric Pahl, called South of Chihuahua.
Is there a particular slant ”SOC” will be following?
And what can we expect from Lance DeSardi in the year ahead ?

The SoC stuff is a little slower and slightly more
‘baelricos’ than a lot of my stuff on my own.
We have a single out on Touch of Class early this summer,
and I have a couple things on my own coming out at various times this year.
I did a remix with Monty Luke on Planet E that I’m excited about.

4.What records would be on your House Music Mt Rushmore?

Johnny L – This Time (Carl Craig Remix)[XL]
Global Communication – The Way [Secret Ingredients]
Noni – The Gift [Prescription]
DBX – Phreak [Accelerate]

5.Have you ever had an experience that you would label as an extraterrestrial
(either from another planet or another plane of existence) contact ?
I saw some shit one time when I was young…

6.Favorite (After party) record in your bag ?
Trussel – I Love it

7. What is your cosmology ?

Lance DeSardi (Leftroom. Black Catalogue. Land Shark. S.F.)

Plays this Friday, March 07 : COSMOLOGY at Vanguard 1415 L St

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cos·mol·o·gy (kz-ml-j)
n. pl. cos·mol·o·gies
1. The study of the physical universe considered
as a totality of phenomena in time and space.

First Friday of Every Month w/ residents : Haitham / Kaltron / Tony Futique / Kritt / Dick J.

Inspired in part by long-running experiments in :
chasing quantum particles, after hours jam sessions,
leftfield disco and innerstellar deep house.
From principles to paradoxes and back again.

words : Tony Futique


COSMOLOGY Interview w/ Pezzner


1. What was your introduction to electronic music ?
Back in high school 1991 – 1992 I got really into
experimental and industrial music
ala Skinny Puppy, Psychic TV, Nitzer Ebb…
I lived in Mohave Valley, Arizona and the area was pretty secluded from
electronic music so I became really fascinated with the genre.
In 1992 I moved to Seattle and the rave scene was just emerging at the time.
But the end all record for me –
the one that made hooked me in was “Ooee I Am Ready” by Church of Extacy.

2. Some people believe that this is a pivotal time in dance music.
  Do you feel there is a way forward, to use Terence Mckenna’s term,
  an archaic revival?  Or is the corporate sponsorship and mainstream
  commercial hi-jacking of dance music
   sending it all to a point of no return?  
There’s a lot going on at the moment but I think the mainstream
acceptance of the genre, the massive festival culture
has raised the bar considerably,
for the music producers, and the casual listener.

3. How did you approach, ”Last night in Utopia”.
Most of the album was written on tour.
On one particular tour in 2011 I had some extended time off
between shows in London, Moscow and Rome
so I set up my studio in hotels in Malta and in Rome
and spent a couple weeks isolating myself and working.
Most of the tunes were written to sit in the album.

4. Favorite (After party) record in your bag ?
I think at the moment its Mu – Paris Hilton.
The track is pretty old but it keeps making its way back into circulation.

5. Oldest record in your bag ?
XTrak – I Node Ep (Peacefrog)

6. Most recent record in your bag ?
Pezzner & Amina – Exit (Crosstown Rebels). Just got my copies yesterday.

7. Yeah we’re really feeling your new EP on Crosstown Rebels and just noticed
   that you will be playing at their Get Lost party in Miami.
   Tell us a little about your relationship with Damian Lazarus
   and how the EP came about.
In 2009 Seth Troxler booked me to play at their
Movement Monday after party – Need I Say More,
and Damian was among a slew of people I was introduced to.
I stayed in touch and began reaching out to the label in 2011
once I had new material to submit.
But I’d say my relationship with Damian and Crosstown is pretty professional.
The label is also ran by some familiar people I’ve known since old days
when I was releasing Jacob London records on Classic.
I cant believe I’m calling those the “old days”

8. Have you ever had an experience that you would label as an extraterrestrial
   (either from another planet or another plane of exsistence) contact ?
Not yet. Still waiting for that one.

9. What is the most far away from your home town of Seattle you’ve played?
   And what was that gig like?
The furthest away I’ve played from Seattle is Melbourne.
My favorite Melbourne gig (I’ve played there a few times)

10. What is your cosmology ?
I try not to think too much about this stuff.
It makes my brain hurt. I love the theory that basically says the
only thing in the universe that we can truly say is real,
is the thoughts in our own heads and
that everything else is really up for question.
green pezzner

Words : Tony Futique

Pezzner plays this Friday. COSMOLOGY at Vanguard 1415 L St