Five Questions With Odd Parents.


Breaking on to underground consiousness with his own re:body project,
followed by an axis of unfettered sonic explorations into deeply sinister funk
as a resident of west coast collective, As You Like It
and finding a home at Maceo Plex’s (Ellum) Label is Brian Bejarano (aka Briski ).
We caught up with him for an interview via email ahead of
his Guest dj set this Friday, Dec 06. COSMOLOGY w/ Odd Parents (Ellum Audio)
at 1415 Vanguard.

  1. You hail from San Francisco have spent time in England,
Dallas and Now live in Spain. How have you found the experience of living
in in Barcelona from an artistic standpoint ?

Well hello there Cosmology, looking forward to the party!
Well, I grew up in the Bay Area and have spent a good amount of time

in all these places.. all of them amazing in different ways.
Now in Barcelona, I’m continuing the dance floor space exploration in a more concentrated manner. Pretty focused at the moment,
working on all things house music, from dj-ing to production to label work and tour managing.
All this keeps me pretty busy but at the moment artistically (especially with production),
I’m soaking up all the culture and experience I can,
while having access to the proper tools and help as needed.
Barcelona is already rich with culture and ideal for artists, so to have this city as a base point,
keeps me grounded in the proper state of mind. Plus having the rest of Europe so close,
I’m very lucky to gather inspiration from many different points of view.
SF is kind of like that too, except all rolled into a 7×7 sphere.
But living here has definitely opened my eyes a bit on a global scale artistically and also made me realize I need to learn Spanish.

2. Ellum has had an amazing year, throwing the party’s from Ibiza
to Paris. What is the musical philosophy behind the label nights ?

You would have to ask the true man behind the madness, Mr Maceo, to get the full answer,
but basically it’s ABOUT THE MUSIC.
Not too many gimmicks involved, just that old school free vibe mixed with quality music of new and old, to give people that “extraterrestrial experience” that’s in your next question.. I peaked.
Possibly, we will be developing more on this for the next summers Ibiza season. ; )

3. Have you ever had an experience that you would label as an extraterrestrial
(either from another planet or another plane of existence ) contact ?

Ellum parties. Oh yeah, and one time I was abducted by aliens but

Sigourney Weaver saved me, pretty quick and painless.

4. What was your introduction to electronic music ?

I have my older sister, Moni, to blame for this actually.
I remember dancing around with her raver friends to “spin spin sugar”,
when I was really young. Shortly after this, I unfortunately started taking green plants from her drawer, and found tapes of old Sf parties and 90s hip hop. I would put the two together for a magically fun time. After this, I started buying more electronic music. A lot of dancing actually went on all the time in my house. “Dancing music”, from Salsa to Earth Wind and Fire and Madonna were playing at our holiday parties.
I never knew that would end of being what I dedicate myself to.
But I first got my proper education from my Brother-in-Law, Gregg, when I was 17.
I flew back from Dallas for the summer on psychedelics (oh, to be young ; )),
and he saved me from embarrassing myself with my whole family,
by taking me to his house to spin records. His collection is ridiculous and is the basis to a lot of what I play. After that day, I haven’t stopped obsessing about house music.

5. What is your cosmology ?

One sec, wikipedia’ing it – oh duh, theory of the universe.
In short, I don’t know, but probably something like the end of men in black,
huge blue aliens bowling with universe balls.