COSMOLOGY Interview w/ Doc Martin.


1. In the late 80’s you brought a new style of music to S.F. and then in the early 90’s after a relocation to LA,

you helped shape and in many instances start the west coast rave scene.

What are some things that people might be surprised to know about from those early halcyon days

and what was it like being one of if not the first traveling DJ’s in the U.S. ?

A. One thing that may ,or may not surprise people is that I was hugely into early

Hip Hop / New Wave / Funk / Industrial / Disco when I started DJing.

I think that anything goes attitude, has helped me a lot with the music that I like now.

I tend to look beyond just one style of music,and look into the vibe of it a bit more.

San Francisco in the early days was a melting pot of cultures, and People.

This would bring a much more interesting vibe to the clubs.
When My sets started becoming more house,and Acid House based, People though that I was crazy.

I knew that House Culture (Just like Hip Hop in the early days) would be a unifying force in the bay area.

When I moved to LA, the warehouse scene was insane there.
I would travel between SF, and LA for shows. I started to notice people from LA coming to Sf to check it out, and Visa Versa.

Again I saw a unity between cities,and that was pretty cool.I still see that at our Sublevel Parties.
I knew if this whole thing were to blow up in California that it could happen on a national level.

What I didn’t know was that the whole rave thing had already started to get going in.New York, Detroit, Chicago,

Washington, Dc, Florida, Atlanta, Denver, Portland,and a slew of other places .
Dj’s Like:  Frankie Bones, Josh Wink, Derrick Carter, Three, Scott Henry,and others were already stars in their own back yards.
When I started traveling people already knew who I was cause of things like URB Magazine.

I’m still friends with about all those guys that I met in in the early days.

2.This week has brought the sad news that The Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles has left us.

For those who may not have read your heartfelt and amazing post about him,

what was your introduction to him as a DJ/artist and what do you think his legacy is?

I think people like him are the true example of how a legend should carry themselves.

He was always kind, and respectful. of people. He had a ton of love in his heart for the music,and it’s people.

I mean Damn, the name House came from his club the Warehouse in Chicago.

Here is the post that you are talking about

When I was a young DJ, I went to a club in 88-89 called The World In NYC.
A DJ was playing who really knew what was up,and had about 1200 people hanging on his every last note. Frankie Knuckles!!!
I didn’t meet him till about 91/92 in LA. When he was being introduced to me I said,

your that DJ from the World in NYC. He just Smiled, and gave me a hug.

Every time that I would see him over the years,It was like no time had passed.

The last time I saw him was in Ibiza in late Sept.
This is the song that he was playing When I walked into that club in NYC.
I knew from that moment that I would love House Music for the rest of my life!!!
All I can say is Thank You Frankie


3. I had the good fortune of visiting WAX records back in 2001
and the thing that really blew my mind in your record shop was that
you were there playing all these bombs and people we’re literally buying them
right after you took the record off the deck. It felt like a party in there.
Where do you look for new music these days & what ís exciting you at the moment musically?

A. Wax records was crazy back then.

I was in England back then a lot,and would buy records from labels direct.

We would have some records before the distributors had them.
One good thing that we were good at was restocking good records.

Sometimes 200-300 copies of one track would go through our doors.

I get most of my music when I’m traveling in Europe, or off websites like Juno Records.

Digitally I get sent tons but still hit up websites for music.I spend a ton of time looking for music.


4. You had a very busy WMC this year, what was the highlight and whats next for you this year and your record label ?

WMC this year was crazy. 9 shows in all.
In no particular order I would have to say they all were pretty good.

The Crosstown Rebels Get Lost Party was superb . I got to play a 3 1/2 hr set there to a great crowd.

Salted gets deep was great as well. Sneaks I’m a House Gangster – party was packed as well.

The label Sublevel has got a few releases lined up for 2014.

Re-mixes by Asadinho, Jay Tripwire, D’Julz of Our Single Just Us is up next.
You can check out the newest release Sublevel Feat. Lillia-The Challenge here

5. What is your cosmology ?

A. That’s an easy one Music from Deep Space,and Deep within!!!!

Words: Tony Futique


Line-up /

Doc Martin.
Tony Futique.

Keeping the multi-tiered good vibes moving at a refined pace
with the one and the only
Doc Martin (Sublevel / LA).

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Inspired in part by long-running experiments in :
chasing quantum particles, after hours jam sessions,
leftfield disco and innerstellar deep house.
From principles to paradoxes and back again.

cos·mol·o·gy (kz-ml-j)
n. pl. cos·mol·o·gies
1. The study of the physical universe considered
as a totality of phenomena in time and space.


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